Why You Should Consider Traveling in Texas

The fame of Texas especially the rich history and cowboy culture have made visitors from other states and all over the world wish to make it the first destination for a holiday.

Besides, top facilities in Texas cities such as Houston and Austin have added to the diversity so that people traveling for seminars, studies, and other corporate reasons want to land in Texas. Here are the main reasons why you should consider travelling in Texas.


The first thing to do when in Texas is getting the cowboy image. The image of the herd owner on horseback was very common in entire Texas especially in winter starting from 1883. Riding on a rodeo has now become a spectacle in most ranches in Texas.

Simply check with various organizations that offer the rides and book your tickets early enough especially during springs and summer.

Texas is so big

Texas is the second largest state in the US after Alaska. It is indeed three times bigger compared to the UK. The vast landscape also comes with numerous landscapes and climates.

Once in Texas, you can enjoy sandy beaches, piney woodlands, and swampy vegetation with diverse climates. Whether you want a single weekend getaway or the entire vacation, Texas will never bore.

Texas represents a great history of the US

While many states of the US have advanced so much and history has taken a back seat, Texas is different. Texas is known for the name Lone Star State which reminds people of the great struggle that the state underwent in 1836 to get freedom from Mexico.

Texas was also a slave state and joined the Confederate States of America. It took a fierce civil war for it to become part of the current United States of America. Some places to visit to connect with the history of Texas and the US include Fort Leaton, San Jacinto battleground, prehistoric rock formations at the famous Seminole Canyon, and the Devil’s River.

A visit to NASA

While you have seen or read about space missions sending rockets to Mars and other planets, well, Texas gives you a chance also to get there.

Inside the NASA Lyndon Johnson Space Center where the coordination for Appollo 13 mission to the moon was done, you get the feeling of being adrift on another planet. The special images, astronauts training and even a touch of the moon rock will be a great achievement.

A state with world class cities and top notch facilities

After exploring the rich history and touching the moon rock, it is time to head back to the city, and Texas has the best you can expect in the world. Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth among others have huge sky scrapers, top hotels, and are known as the shopping paradise.

Besides, the cities are known for more music venues compared to others in the United States. For example, Dallas has taken the name of live music capital in the entire world because of numerous live performances.

Sports in Texas

For sports lovers, a visit to Texas will not disappoint. It is home to 3 giant NBA teams, 2 MLS teams, 2 MLB teams, and 1 NHL team. Besides, there are numerous minor or college leagues including IndyCar, F1, and NASCAR. Other sports that make Texas great include American Football, Baseball, Motorsports, and Basketball.

At any moment, you will have something to enjoy in the world of sports in the great Texas. In a nutshell, there is a lot of exciting things you can do and see in Texas.

If you love fun, adventure and learning while at it, consider travelling to Texas!